MyCrowd's Activitypub Relay

Our relay is here to help connect up small and medium-sized ActivityPub instances to help further expand the reach of their communities.

We are currently open to all new registrations and will monitor the load as we grow.


  • We expect to not see hate speech, CSAM and spam.
  • Encouragement of fascism, cryptocurrency or other scammy behaviour will be grounds for removal.

Any questions? Reach out to me at


If you are the admin of a server that supports activitypub relays, you can add this relay to your server, provided you meet the following conditions:

1) Your instance must be primarily English use.
2) You must have fewer than 5,000 users. If you have more, you probably don't need a relay. Be friendly - unsubscribe.
3) Please subscribe only if you'll unsubscribe if you don't want to run your instance any longer.

Firefish, Misskey, Mastodon

Firefish (et al) admins can add this relay by adding
in their relay settings.

Akkoma, Pleroma, Friendica

Akkoma, Pleroma and Friendica admins can add this relay by adding
to their relay settings.


Consult the documentation for your server. It's likely that it follows either Firefish or Akkoma's relay formatting.

87 Connected Servers